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Salisbury MAG's Spring Surprise Bike Show

The Spring Surprise Show this year will not be going ahead on the
8th of April as previously advertised. We have been looking at several
venues and other dates to hold our event.

This is due to the unavailability of the two market squares on the 8th
and subsequent weekends in April.

We apologise to any traders (food, clothing, badges etc) who have
pre-booked the Sunday and all the motorcyclists who look forward
to a great event in Salisbury in April every year.

Thank you all who have participated in the event in the Squares over
the last four years. We thank all the sponsors who have supported
us and put their hands in their pockets when it was required.
Also thanks go to Amanda Newbury and the Salisbury B.I.D who
sponsored us over the last two years. Also Mike of SpireFM, a keen
motorcyclist who gave us "free" air time.

Special thanks go to the Stewards who gave up their valuable
Sunday to steward all the motorcycles around the squares.
Also Martin Staples of SP4 Security Services.

We would like to thank MAG stalwarts (you all know who you are)
who have been putting this very successful and enjoyable event on.
First in the 3 Crowns Pub car park, then in Salisbury Cattle Market
and finally when we got too big for even that venue, Salisbury Guild
Hall and the Market Square. Without your vision and cavalier
attitude to risk, the shows in the two market squares would never
have happened!

I would personally like to thank Gary Hayball, Vince Privet, Allen
and Clint (Burn Out Bikes) and Mark of 'Wasp' for their financial
support and great "Trophies" over the years. All the charity
organisations either ex-military or motorcycle related that supported
our event.

We intend to carry on with "low key" motorcycle activities in and
around Salisbury. Secure M/C Barriers in Brown St car park, and
campaigning to include motorcycle in Salisbury's Transport Policy for
the future.

If we have forgotten anybody, we apologise but there are too many
great people out there to mention you all.

Salisbury MAG Rep

On behalf of all the Officers and members of Salisbury MAG


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